About Us

Who We Are...

KYC Consultancy PTY LTD & The Trustee For KYC Trust & Jabani Jinna Our Vision Statement:
‘To empower children, young people, adults, families and communities towards connectedness and reaching their full potential as both individuals and communities themselves.’
Our Core Business:
Community is our business with an emphasis on social justice and realistic mutually beneficial and sustainable outcomes for all parties! KYC Consultancy provides professional consultancy and direct service provision services in the development of young people and communities as well as to youth and community sector services and departments. Delivery may include youth and or community consultation, strategic planning, workshops, evaluations, youth and community activities, events and training. The role of KYC Consultancy is to contribute to the positive and inclusive development of young people within their communities by providing holistic service provision using innovative and creative engagement and development methods and tools. KYC also applies for funding through local, State and Federal Government and works in partnership with other service providers to deliver projects and programs towards community capacity building and to achieve best practice.

Our Customer Service Statement:
“To engage and support all customers in an inclusive and respectful manner that brings about the goals and outcomes for individuals and programs/projects as a whole.”